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November 03
Get Away, Get Together

*This specific event is reserved for Project Patch Youth Ranch families only.

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The Family Life and Conference Center, Goldendle, WA
The Family Experience
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Who We Are  

In our complex world families are being pulled apart.  We easily become caught up in the business of everyday life in lose touch with those who matter most.  We all feel the tension; we all feel the loss of connection.   The Family Experience provides an opportunity for families of every kind to escape the pressures of life's constant motion and get-away and come together as a family.

How We Help

We offer a three day family retreat which includes workshops, discussions, actives, and recreation.  We focus on helping you learn, practice and gain confidence in the skills that will help your family with today's problems and challenges.

  • Practice problem solving through group activities
  • Learn to communicate during ropes course challenges
  • Support each other during open discussions facilitated by our coaches
  • Gain perspective surrounded by nature
  • Talk about things that are hard to talk about at home

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The Family Life and Conference Center 

Located in Goldendale Washington, our Family Life and Conference Center hosts comfortable, hotel-style guest rooms and private cabins. 


  • Delicious meals made with fresh ingredients by our professional chef.  
  • Full access to our lodge’s recreation room and living room style community hall.
  • Conversation in front of our fireplace.
  • Reflection on our deck with a stunning view of Mt. Adams.
  • Walks by our beautiful waterfalls that will take your breath away.
  • Guided hiking tours, disc golf, bird watching, a low ropes challenge course, and much more.

The beauty of our 500 acre property can be surprising.

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The Family Experience offers the perfect setting for your family to experience healing from the wear and tear of everyday life and generate lasting bonds that will continue after you leave.


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Our facility is also open for group rentals when The Family Experience is not in session.

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Register Your Family to Attend a

Family Experience Weekend

We are so excited to have your family attend a Family Experience weekend! We believe that taking this time to come together will help you gain the tools to thrive for the rest of your lives. Before you begin, here are some important things for you to know: 

  • The Family Experience is designed to support various types of families including traditional two parent families, single parent homes, and blended families.  The program focuses on skills and insights that all types of families benefit from.
  • To fully participate in the The Family Experience, children must be at least 10-years-old.  Younger children may attend and details about participation and care should be made in consultation with our registration team.   
  • Not every family may benefit from attending The Family Experience. The registration process seeks to identify whether we will meet your needs and will seek to identify other resources if aren't able to serve you. 
  • Ideally every immediate family member should attend The Family Experience, however we recognize that it may not always be possible for all children or both spouces to attend.  We encourage you to talk through your specific situation with our registration team to determine if  The Family Experience will be beneficial even without full family participation.  

 Our in depth registration process is designed to help us understand your unique story before you arrive. Get started today by going to our registration page and be one step closer to experiencing family the way God intended it to be.


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